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ป้ายไฟ LED เรดาห์จับความเร็วรถยนต์จราจรภายนอก



ป้ายไฟ LED เรดาห์จับความเร็วรถยนต์จราจรภายนอก


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ป้ายไฟ LED เรดาห์จับความเร็วรถยนต์จราจรภายนอก

Product Features:

Whole system driven by high efficient switching power supply. The highest efficient can reach 92%, provide best power saving performance.

  • Bi-directional detect allowed.
  • Standard power saving device provide automatic day-light saving, low LED driving watts, etc.
  • Whole system locate inside the external display box, suitable for out door usage.
  • Good ventilation design of display box provide excellent low temperature environments.
  • Weather resistance 5.5mm thickness PC plate window provide good protection for display board.
  • 1.5mm thickness SPCC for display box,provide rigid structure. Stainless hinge shaft provide long life for display box.


  1. Power Source: 9.5-25 VDC
  2. System Power Consumption: Approximately 0.736W for System board + Radar module.
  3. Radar Frequency: 24.120-24.130GHz
  4. Operating Temperature: Standard (-10~80 °C)/ (14~176 °F ); Optional (-40~80 °C)/ (-40~176 °F )
  5. Signal Pick Up Distance: 250+M (820Ft+)note 2; (Azimuth: 12°; Elevation: 24°@3db)
  6. Max. Speed Detect and Display Detect: 223KM(138Miles)/hour, Display: 199 KM(138Miles)/hour
  7. RS232 COM port: Yes, optional device for GPRS, WIFI, Wireless via COM port are all available.
  8. Real Time Clock: Yes, +/- 3ppm,
  9. SD Storage Device: Yes, supports up to 32GB
  10. Device Configuration Standard: via COM; Option: IR Remote control
  11. Violation Speed & High Speed Cut Off Setting: Standard via COM, Manual (by thumb wheel). Option: IR Remote control.
  12. Warning Flash: Will be lighted on when a vehicle violated speed.
  13. Camera: Option only, (under developed). Control board provide a high/low voltage for system to trigger the camera.
  14. FCC: Yes for radar module
  15. Traffic Counter Function: Yes (optional)
  16. Dimension: 728mm(28.66”)Width, 1016mm(40”)Height, 227mm(8.9”)Thickness; Packed with Corrugated Carton; 5 layers Strength 14kg: 750mm(29.53”)W; 660mm(26.98”)H; 140mm(5.51”)T
  17. Weight: Approximately GW: 28.5kgs (62.7lbs); NW: 26.5kgs(58.3lbs), battery not included
  18. Power consumption (all LED light on): Maximum under daylight, approximately 12W. Minimum at night, approximately 4.2W
  19. LED Display: 22pcs 5mm supper flux LED per segment; 16 Segments total; viewing angle 30 ° , Luminous Intensity 9000mcd for display LED. 9pcs flash LED provide strobe effect.
  20. Battery: AC/DC power available as option; will be provided under requisition.


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ป้ายไฟ LED เรดาห์จับความเร็วรถยนต์จราจรภายนอก

ป้ายไฟ LED เรดาห์จับความเร็วรถยนต์จราจรภายนอก

ป้ายไฟ LED เรดาห์จับความเร็วรถยนต์จราจรภายนอก

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