Solar portable charger Battery


Solar portable charger Battery for smartphone.


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Solar portable charger Battery for smartphone.

  • Product: 2014 New Solar Power Bank 50000mAh
  • Capacity: 50000mAh (Adequate)
  • Batteries: Japan's imports of solar panels!
  • Size: 123mm*78mm*20mm
  • Weight: 320g
  • Listing Date: 2013-10-08
  • Listed price: US$38.50/pcs (This price 2013-12-31 Closing)
  • Regular Price: US$58.50/pcs (This price start from 2014-01-01 Hot sale.)
  • Delivery time: Within 48 hours.
  • Time of receipt: 5-28 day (Global Express line.) 
  • Style: Europe/US
  • Material: New Ultra-thin aluminum alloy shell design.
  • Edition type: Fashion / High-quality / High tech/
  • Scope: All phones are applicable! 
  • Color: White, Black, Blue, Red 

Note: Thank you for your attention to our products, this solar power bank real capacity is 11800mah. The really full charge 50000mah battery is more than 5KG weight .It is very dangerous and inconvenient. So the market is almost no more than 13000mah, let alone 50000mah. Special Note: our solar power bank built-in electric current and voltage protection of 50000mah, if your area voltage instability or excessive current input, our 50000mah play a very large role in the protection, safeguard the security of each buyer, which is also the advantage of our products and new technologies, so this product is defined as solar power bank 50000mah,


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Solar portable charger Battery

Solar portable charger Battery

Solar portable charger Battery for smartphone.

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