Bluedio Energy S2 Sports Bluetooth 4.0 wireless stereo


Bluedio Energy S2 Sports Bluetooth wireless stereo.


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Bluedio Energy S2 Sports Bluetooth wireless stereo

Earbud / earphone / headset / headphones 3rd generation in-ear earphone Built-in microphone Water / Sweat proof Retail-Gift package (Black / White)

Bluedio S2 Bluetooth sports headset

Want more concentrate and enjoy your exercise? Let's get ready for workouts with Bluedio S2 Sports Bluetooth Headset! S2 is crafted from its streamlined appearance, superb bass resonance with 3rd generation in-ear earphone, wind noise reduction, sweat-proof, Bluetooth 4.0 and voice command features, to give you superior enjoy on workouts!

  1. Superb and clear bass resonance: Special speaker transmits high fidelity and detailed wireless sound to your ears Try listen to "Love knockdown" by Kanye West, bass, pure and simple composed of this track, strong bass resonance of S2 move you forward. during workouts!
  2. CVC wind noise reduction: Remove unwanted noise during a hands free conversation, cleaning the audio for far-end listener It detects and tackle winds of various intensities and durations (this is not active noise cancellation)
  3. Redesigned 3rd generation silicone earbuds: Crafted by Bluedio, built-in 14.2mm neodymium driver, tonal quality is richer resonance than purer Superior sound isolation by including silicone ear piece, ergonomically designed to provide comfort in your ear..
  4. Sweat-proof:. Effectively prevent sweat and rain interfere with headset operation.  
  5. Multipoint pairing and voice command: Connect to 2 mobile phones simultaneously Say "Yes" or "No" to pick or reject call, add convenience to your life.


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Bluedio Energy S2 Sports Bluetooth 4.0 wireless stereo

Bluedio Energy S2 Sports Bluetooth 4.0 wireless stereo

Bluedio Energy S2 Sports Bluetooth wireless stereo.

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