CNG/LPG Gas Filter



Gas Filter for auto gas direct injection system conversion vehicle.


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In the gas conversion system, the gas filter is a consumable part, not indispensable but very important. It filter the impurity in LPG/CNG, which may block rail injectors or get into engine to burn and cause damage. Especially LPG, it is much more dirty than CNG, usually diaphragm of regulator and rubber seal of injection rail are damaged because of its impurity. It's recommended to exchange a gas filter every 20000-30000KM.

Product Description:

  1. Filtering Accuracy: 15vm
  2. Gas permeability: 80L/m2*S
  3. Filter(ing) area: 325+/-10cm2
  4. Rupture pressure: >=30bar
  5. Working temperature: -30~ 250 degree
  6. Surface treatment: White zinc plating.
  7. Certificte: ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16948:2002


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CNG/LPG Gas Filter

CNG/LPG Gas Filter

Gas Filter for auto gas direct injection system conversion vehicle.

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