Auto Car Blind Spot Monitoring System BLIS


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Auto Car Blind Spot Monitoring System BLIS

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Auto car Blind Spot Monitoring System flashing alarm for reminding installed on the exterior rearview mirrors car accessories. Install with Right hand Rearview Mirrors.

Product Features:

  • Executive standard: QC/T413-2002
  • System power supply: 12V/0.5W
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
  • Dimensions: D27xH19xL42mm
  • Detection blind spot: Sector surface 3 x 6M
  • Operating climate: all weather (Fog / rain snow
  • Applicable models: All cars(Install right)

Whatis is BLIS?

LIS-Blind Spot Monitoring System The sensor installed on the exterior rearview mirrors makes a real-time monitoring to the blind sector of the vehicle. When there are vehicles or pedestrians in the blind area,the driver will get a flashing alarm for reminding,so as to avoid an auto accident and improve the security of driving.

Product Importance

Have you ever encountered this kind of situation?When you drive to cross the line, a car suddenly comes out, believe you are scared out in a cold sweat! You might wonder where it is come from even after you have already checked through the rearview mirror?Due to the body design of the car, there are always blind areas within the visual range of the exterior rearview mirror.When driving, it is hard to eliminate the Blind spots.

How to avoid the disaster caused by the cross-line blind zone?

Installasmallroundmirrorontotheexteriorrearview mirror? No!! Because you need to watch 2 mirrors and might not Concentrate on the driving, meanwhile it is not comfort-able and safe to focus on a small mirror.

Install a blind spot information system device?

No!! Firstly, the price of blind spot information system is extremely high; Secondly, it should disassemble the car and change the original circuit to finish the installation. How can do that to our loved car!

Product Application:

  • No drilling, no line breaking, and easily to install.
  • Built-in processor dynamically monitors the blind zone.
  • LED flashing light, humanized automatic alarm.
  • Range from hatchback, sedan to SUV (For a car with a steering lamp in the mirror

Product Installation

The mounting position is located at the Bottom right corner of the exterior rearview Mirror lens.

Step I. Carefully remove the rearview mirror lens, and find out the steering lamp power line. Make sure the power line is connected well to the color line of the steering lamp.Install back the rearview mirror lens.

Step II. Clean up the installation position for the product. Tear off the double- sided adhesive and adjust the product angle to make the vertical side of the paste surface vertical to the ground. Paste and press hard for 1 minute to finish the installation.

Remark: The installation should be done during the sunny day. And please don’ t wash the car within 2 days after the installation. In order to be more solid, double glue can be reinforced with glue.

Product Usage

After you turn on the steering light, you can see a yellow flashing light when there is pedestrian or vehicle in the rearview mirror blind area.A reminder: This product is a kind of safety auxiliary prompt device, please do not rely entirely on the operation!


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Auto Car Blind Spot Monitoring System BLIS

Auto Car Blind Spot Monitoring System BLIS

Auto Car Blind Spot Monitoring System BLIS

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