Car Bluetooth Music Handfree MP3 FM Module

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Car Bluetooth Music Handfree MP3 FM Module.

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Car Bluetooth Music Handfree MP3 FM Module.


  • Bluetooth support Bluetooth and speakerphone (baby and mobile phone pairing is completed after the wireless receiver to play all formats of music, if your phone supports wide format, what format you want to listen to music are alone, but also hands-free phone, caller hear "beep - beep" press the pause button "SCAN" that answer the phone) 
  • Support headset and amplifier dual (plug headphones speaker does not ring, out of the headphone speaker sound). 
  • Support folder player (remote control) 
  • Support USB / TF / Bluetooth / automatic switching. 
  • Module contains MP3/WMA/WAV lossless music songs decoder chip, electronic bell. 
  • Support USB / TF / card switch, the song, the next song, adjust volume, EQ, play / pause, stop, single repeat, mute, shutdown, elections songs. 
  • Bluetooth song on Bluetoot, the next song, adjust volume, play / pause, mute, shut down. 
  • Supports FAT16, FAT32 file system. 
  • Support 32-320kbps MP3 songs. 
  • Support power and memory function: the song played before the memory power and volume


  • 2 P Block 12V then 12V +, GND connection GND-; 2P seat LO-/L-O + 1,2 P connected speakers connected to speaker seat RO-/R-O + 2; handsfree microphone - / Mic + 
  • Working voltage DC DC 7-18V, current (when connected to a speaker 600-700MA; take about two speakers 1.3-1.5A Speaker: 4 ohm 3W current hop song appears inadequate or ineffective phenomena such as remote control or Bluetooth stable (if this issue, please check your power supply); voltage can not be higher than 18V, otherwise it will damage the main chip and amplifier IC and related components, please note .
  • This product comes with two 4 ohm 3W amplifier connected is not greater than 3W, can not pick from the speaker position and amplifiers.
  • 12V without FM function


Package included :

  • 1 x Mp3 decoder board(Accessories please check the photo)
  • 1 x Remote Control(12V without FM function)

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Car Bluetooth Music Handfree MP3 FM Module

Car Bluetooth Music Handfree MP3 FM Module

Car Bluetooth Music Handfree MP3 FM Module.

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