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Ceramizer® – product for regeneration of friction surfaces of gearbox and prevention against wear and tear.

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Ceramizer® – product  for regeneration of friction surfaces of gearbox and prevention against wear and tear. 
Regeneration is performed without dismantling, during  normal operation, simply add Ceramizer®  to oil in the gearbox, rear axle. Metal-ceramic layer is constituted in all areas where  metal rubbs against metal, and in particular in areas which are  used (worn).
This layer levels and covers micro-defects, cracks and deformations of the surface subject to friction. The newly created layer lasts for about 1500 km of driving.
Main benefits of using Ceramizer®:      
  1. Decreases or eliminates discords during gear shift.Improves the fluency of gear shifting.
  2. Silences  noises and "howling" of gearbox.
  3. Extends operating life of the friction pairs for up to five–times.
  4. Protects gearbox against wear and tear for 100 000 km
  5. Allows in many cases to avoid expensive repairs.
Process of regeneration as well as creation of ceramic surface occurs during exploitation, without the need to dismantle the mechanism.
How does it work? 

Ceramizer® - facilitated regeneration process is all about restoration of the optimal dimensions and geometry of mechanical contact - surfaces, where friction occurs. This process creates a ceramic - metal layer with unique properties, which is triggered without the need to dissemble the treated unit and works during the unit's normal operation. 

Ceramizer's® application is simple and straightforward: it is simply added to the lubricant oil (for the engine, the gearbox or power steering system) or to fuel (petrol, diesel, bio fuels). 

The thermodynamic processes occuring on mechanical surfaces, which are subject to friction, create a ceramic-metal layer that envelops it and repairs all worn or damaged areas. The speed and extend of the protective ceamic-metal layer buildup is closely dependent upon the condition of the treated part and the extent of the 'repair' it requires. Once the optimal (as new) unit dimensions are achieved, the regeneration process changes to a 'maintenance' phase. This means that in well-used (worn), damaged and scratched areas a thicker layer than in the less-worn surfaces is applied, which in turn results in the restoration of the required geometry of friction details. 

In order to increase the friction factor in the treated vehicle part, it is advisable for the vehicle engine not to exceed 2700rpm for the first 200km (125miles) of post-treatment use. 

Ceramizer® particles have properties which enable them to be highly adhesive to metals; they selectively transfer metal particles to areas requiring repairs, where they diffuse under high temperatures caused by friction. In those areas, combined metal and Ceramizer® particles reconstruct the surface, creating a ceramic-metal layer. Ceramizer's® diffusion with the metal surface results in the improvement of the crystal structure of the metal, thus the surface layer is hardened and filled in (a durable and inseparable ceramic-metal protective layer is created). The process of the layer creation is called ceramization. The layer covers, fills in and evens up microdefects and deformations of the friction surfaces.
Ceramizer® offers the following benefits: 

1. Ceramization of metal surfaces develops a ceramic-metal layer on mechanichal elements which are subject to friction and during their normal operation. 

2. Through the gradual ceramic-metal layer buildup, Ceramizer® regenerates and reconstructs metal surfaces, which are subject to friction, permanently integrating them at the molecular level. The ensuing ceramic-metal layer is hard, durable, has a low friction factor, is an excellent heat diverter and is resistant to high temperatures and mechanical overloads. The protective layer covers, fills in and evens up microdefects and deformations of the friction surfaces. The long-term benefit of Ceramizer® use with the internal combustion engines is maintained even after several oil changes or at least 70,000km (43,750miles). In case of gearboxes, the mileage extends to 100,000 km (62,500 miles). 

3. Oil magnetisation - thanks to the GP technology, the oil particles attach tightly to metal surfaces, thus improving lubrication and dispersing heat from the surfaces. The oil magnetisation process is active until the subsequent oil change, because the magnetised oil particles are discarded together with the used oil. 

4. Selective transfer - free metal molecules in the oil or lubricant are transferred to the friction nodes and form part of the crystal lattice of the reconstructed metal surface. In theory (if there was no need to chance the oil) this process makes surfaces to gradual degradation and it necessitates regular replacements, which result in the discontinuation of Ceramizer's® selective transfer processes. 

5. Ceramizer® does not contain teflon, lead, molybdenum and it does not clog oil filters and ducts. This is because Ceramizer® particles are smaller than filter pores. Ceramizer® particles are up to 2-5 microns in diameter while oil filter aperatures are over 5 microns in diameter. Moreover, the ceramic-metal layer is created only in places where metal to metal friction occurs, hence there is no risk of it effecting oil ducts and filters. Ceramizer® is not an oil thickener or so-called "motor-doctor" - one Ceramizer® dose is 5ml and weights up to 4.5grams. The product does not prevent valve gasket oil leaks, because metal-on-metal friction does not occur there. 

6. The ceramic-metal layer is effective and durable for a minimum of 70,000km (43,750 miles) or up to 6000hours of vehicle/part operation. Once these indicators are achieved, it is recommended to apply Ceramizer® again.


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Ceramizer® – product for regeneration of friction surfaces of gearbox and prevention against wear and tear.

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