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Easiest way to assemble power bank using lifepo4 batteries, let's do this! Parts LifePo4 32650 Battery Cell - 2S 10A 3.2v / 7.2v LifePo4 Protection Board Module - 6-24V to 5V 3A USB DC-DC Buck Step-Down Converter - 2.5V to 30V LED Digital Voltmeter - This video is an actual demo on how to develop a DIY LiFePo4 Power Bank. I decided to use 2 pieces of 32650 LiFePo4 batteries and powered/charged by mini solar panel. Two pieces of 5 volts 3 amperes converter module are that main USB supply for my lighting hobby, it is also applicable in other applications like mobile charging. Changing mini solar panel by a higher wattage panel will suffice your needs as alternative power source.

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Posted On: Tuesday, 30 January 2024 05:00

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