NEW Best value DIY Wheel Alignment Gauge Accurate fast toe plates camber caster


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NEW Best value DIY Wheel Alignment Gauge  Accurate  fast  toe plates camber caster

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We did it! We successfully developed an alignment tool package that  ACCURATELY measures TOE, CAMBER, and CASTER and only costs $200. This package is  perfect for DIY'ers and shops that need an accurate, inexpensive alignment  solution that is quick and easy to use. You can check your alignment in less time than it takes to read this auction page!!!

This product has two pending patents that help set it apart from the rest.  The first is the wheel stand-offs. With these, toe is measured off of the wheel  itself NOT the tire like typical "toe plates". This creates a much higher level of accuracy because the errors caused by a tire's sidewall lettering, buldge, etc., are eliminated. In addition to this, there is an integrated hand held camber gauge that is accurate to 0.1 degrees and is easy to calibrate for non-level surfaces. AND, caster can be measured without the need for expensive turn plates. The efficient design makes the system easy to transport and store, as all of the parts snap together into one unit.


  • Accurately measures toe, camber, and caster
  • Fits 12"-22" wheels
  • Patent pending wheel stand-offs allow extremely accurate toe  measurements
  • Camber measurements are accurate to within 0.1 degrees
  • Includes 2 high resolution tape measures with 1/32in increments
  • Degree toe alignment specs (commonly supplied by OEM's) can be  used with the attached degree to inch conversion chart
  • Specially cut slots will not let the ends of the tape measures  fall out while in use
  • Everything snaps together for easy storage and transport
  • Optional Alignment Specifications for vehicles produced between 1960-2014
  • Detailed online video instructions
  • Support (usually available 7 days a week)

Perfect for:

  • Aligning a vehicle after replacing suspension components (tie rods,  etc.)
  • Making camber/toe alignment changes in your garage, at the track, etc.
  • Adjusting alignment to you personal desired specifications
  • Checking alignment after going off track, hitting a pothole, etc.
  • Saving money!!!


  • One alignment plate with integrated hand held camber gauge
  • One alignment plate with special slots, which will not let the ends of  the tape measures fall out while in use
  • Tenhulzen Automotive digital readout
  • Degrees conversion chart (Attaches with velcro)
  • Video instructions (written instructions also available for download)
  • Support.

Toe Measurement

Unlike standard toe plates which lean against the tires of the vehicle, our 2-Wheel Alignment Package measures toe from the wheels themselves. This is  possible with our patent pending wheel stand-offs. Because tires can cause  measurement errors due to sidewall lettering, sidewall thickness etc., our  product provides more accurate, consistent measurements. The stand-offs quickly adjust with the turn of a thumb screw, so no sacrifices are made in ease of use.  Specially designed slots prevent the tape measures from falling out while in  use. A degrees conversion chart is attached to one of the plates, enabling the  use of degree specifications commonly supplied by OEM's.

 Picture   Picture      Picture

Camber Measurement

Another patent pending feature of our 2-Wheel Alignment Package is that one  of the alignment plates has an integrated hand held camber gauge. This efficient design not only makes the system easy to transport and store but also reduces  cost which is passed on to you, the customer. The gauge is accurate to within  0.1 degrees and fits 12"-22" wheels. The digital readout can be calibrated for  non level surfaces in a matter of seconds.

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Storage and Transport

Everything snaps together into one unit. This makes the package easy to store  and carry without the need for a separate case or bag.

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NEW Best value DIY Wheel Alignment Gauge  Accurate  fast  toe plates camber caster

NEW Best value DIY Wheel Alignment Gauge Accurate fast toe plates camber caster

NEW Best value DIY Wheel Alignment Gauge  Accurate  fast  toe plates camber caster

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