Router Watchdog Automatic Reboot Relay Module LAN Port


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Router Watchdog Automatic Reboot Relay Module LAN Port

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Router Watchdog Automatic Reboot Relay Module LAN Port

Note: This product is mainly used in LAN, remote control to buy peanut shells, or have their own domain binding function to use. Android mobile APP can only be used in LAN. Traffic can not be controlled, and it can not be remote.

Product Introduction

2 Road 10A relay controller, with two relay often open output, without normally closed output, can be used in intelligent home control, two times the development of mobile phone or computer remote control electric lights, motor, and other electrical equipment, provide C++ source code. Reliable network connection, broken network, routers restart, reliable restoration of network connections, remote control across the gateway. This product 5V power supply (power supply to see link),With two relays, the output is normally open without normally closed output. It is necessary to choose another product in the shop with constant output.The MODBUS TCP protocol is supported and can be connected to the Kingview.In the TCP server mode, it supports 4 network connections.

Product parameters:

  1. Power supply voltage, 5V, not less than 1A current.
  2. The two way relay has a single function rate of 2KW, AC load rating voltage 250 volts, current 10A. DC load rated voltage 30V, current 5A.
  3. Appearance size 47.5*77 MM.
  4. Working temperature -40 - +80 degrees.

Product features:

  1. Support work in TCP server, TCP client, UDP mode.
  2. The work supports 4 client connections under the TCP server mode.
  3. Support the MODBUS TCP protocol and support the Kingview.
  4. Support online update procedures, very convenient for customers to customize the program.
  5. You can customize the device name, support the definition of Chinese, when the equipment is not enough to record the tedious IP number.
  6. You can customize heartbeat packet time, reliability broken network recovery.
  7. The use of a high-performance Cortex-M3 core of the 32 bit MCU (STM32F103C8), rather than the market on the 8 bit MCU, the network chip is the hardware protocol W5500, rather than the low cost of ENC28J60.

Very simple control instructions

Sending on1 means opening the first relay, sending off1 to turn off the first relay, and the second way control method is the same. Send read1 to read the state of the first relay, such as returning on1 indicating that the first relay will pull in and return to off1, the first relay release. Time delay control, such as sending on1:02, indicates that the relay loosens after 2 seconds, and sends on:12 to indicate that the relay will pull in after 12 seconds, and the longest delay will be 99 seconds.


  1. 01 operating codes: This operation code reads the relay state and the relay address: the first path 0010, the second path 0011.
  2. 05 operating codes: This operating code is the control of a single relay.Relay address: No. 1 0010, Second Road 0011.
  3. 0F operating code: This operating code is controlled by two relays.Relay address: No. 1 0010, Second Road 0011.

ProductionProduct use

It can be used for access control, control of computer opening, remote control of electrical appliances. It can be controlled by external network and can be remote controlled by mobile phone.

Product picture

very convenient setting interface

Provide C++ program, VS2010 project, this software can be used directly.

Android mobile APP control (apple is not)

wiring diagram

Size diagram

2 way relay control panel (no power, no case).The weight is 43 grams per unit.




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Router Watchdog Automatic Reboot Relay Module LAN Port

Router Watchdog Automatic Reboot Relay Module LAN Port

Router Watchdog Automatic Reboot Relay Module LAN Port

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