Wireless Home Burglar PSTN GSM Alarm System


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Wireless Home Burglar PSTN GSM Alarm System.

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How to choose and use an alarm system Now there are so many kinds of home alarm system products in the market that you may not know how to choose the most suitable. Here we have some suggestions about how to choose and use an alarm system for you.

  • Knowing whether you need a wired system or a wireless one. Normally we recommend wireless system because it is much easier for you to install.
  • Knowing a complete alarm system not only includes the common burglar alarm, but also includes fire alarm(smoke alarm), panic alarm, and environmental Alarm.
  • Count the number of doors and windows of your house which a burglar may access. Your alarm system should cover all the entrances in your house.
  • If you are pet owner, we recommend you to use pet friendly PIR motion sensor to immunity your pet. Because pet can even trigger a false alarm.
  • Decide if you need Smoke sensor, Gas sensor, Wireless Flash Siren to beef up your alarm system.
  • Find a proper place to install the alarm panel.
  • If you have problem of installation after reading user manual, it is better to ask for help rather than a faulty installation.
  • The first step in eliminating false alarms is to find out what is causing them(the cause for it), such as faulty installation, loose door/window contacts, low batteries or some other equipment issues.
  • Whether you are leaving your house for a few short minutes, working from home during the day or vacationing on the other side of the world, your alarm system should be armed and ready to alert you at all times.

Product Description:
  1. Can use the remote control
  2. Can be used match with door magnetic detector or infrared detector or  smoke detector or Gas detector
  3. Telephone (mobile phone) remote control programming;
  4. PSTN remote control programming;
  5. GSM and PSTN ,Two in one design
  6. SMS remote control preset & arm/disarm the main panel;
  7. Built-in intelligent English message;
  8. Alarm locking memory and information clear for easy checking;
  9. One-key-control function: Away Arm, Home Arm, Remote Arm;
  10. Wireless intelligent learning encoding and comply additional accessories;
  11. Arm, disarm, monitor and intercom by remote calling the alarm unit;
  12. Real-time, delay, 24 hours, bypass defense zones programming function;
  13. Built in NI-HI rechargeable battery is available to provide power supply nearly 5hours automatically after power off;
  14. AC and DC dual use are available for 24-hours-a-day normal guard;
  15. Main unit anti-tamper and low-voltage detecting function.
  16. Triple band frequency (GSM 900/1800/1900Mhz) makes the alarm system work well in the GSM network of most countries.
  17. Double antenna, External GSM antenna + RF antenna make the device work well even signal is weak.
Product Usage:
This alarm system suitable for villa, school,shop, garage,bank,shopping and your home
  1. You can Arm and Disarm your alarm system by three ways
    1. Phone Call                
    2. Phone SMS                      
    3. Wireless remote controller.
  2. You can add 6 set of alarm phone number When system alarm , you will get phone call and Alarm SMS immediatly from the alarm host.
  3. When the external power supply is disconnected, you will get a SMS  prompt ,   Enable cmd:  "*051*"
  4. You can set a password for the keyboard (Enable cmd: "*11*"), then everyone need input the password before operate it,
  5. Preset 10 Seconds Voice Recording You can set the preset number to police station, and also record some voice(less than 10 seconds) into the system, then when alarm host call the police station number, policeman will hear your voice which you have stored into the system.
  6. Backup High-Capacity Battery,   When the  power adapter is off, built-in battery can give the host power supply in the time
  7. The Voice of the wired Siren can be adjust, if you feel the voice is too loud, you can adjust lower
  8. This alarm system can add 10 remote controller and 100 wireless sensor (such as door window sensor, infrared sensor,window infrared motion sensor, PET immune sensor, gas sensor, smoke sensor, water sensor
  9. You can set up a alarm delay, 00-99 second
  10. You can program the wireless zone type, for example, if you are at home, you do not want the door sensor and the infrared motion sensor alarm, but you need the smoke sensor and gas sensor alarm, so you can program the smoke sensor and the gas sensor to 24 hours alarm type,
  11. You can set a wireless sensor to a doorbell, such as you set a door sensor to doorbell type, when somebody come in, alarm host will ring like a doorbell.
  12. You also can connect 2 wired sensor,
Product Pictures:
  1. Antenna for GSM network 
  2. Telephone Line connecto
  3. Power supply connector
  4. Power switch
  5. Antenna for wireless sensor
  6. Mic
  7. Voice Prompt                      
  8. Keyboard
  9. LED light indicator
  10. Insert a SIM card
  11. Installing stents
  12. If you want connect the wired sensor, please open it

Power Adaptor: you can choose the power adaptor (EU / AU / UK / US type)

Wired Siren: 120dB loud siren, you can use another siren, such as Flash Red Led Siren, Wireless Flash Siren.Alarm Horn

Door Window Sensor: When detect the door or window is opened illegal, this door window sensor will send wireless message to alarm system,then the alarm system will loud sound alarm !!! alse send SMS and call your phone to tell you there is a alarm immediately.You also can set this sensor as a doorbell, when door is opened, alarm system will work as a doorbell !! 

Infrared Sensor: It is also motion sensor, When detect somebody movement, this infrared sensor will send wireless message to alarm system. We also have infrared sensor designed sepcially for window (curtain infrared sensor),  for celiling (ceiling infrared sensor), for your pet baby (pet infrared sensor). 

Add more accessories will make your alarm system more powerful,This alarm system can connect with 100 sensor, you can add wireless sensor by yourself.Although the alarm system is very powerful,but match the combination will become a more powerful anti-theft system,it will make your home more safty.

Product List:            

due to the aviation limited, the door sensor and the infrared sensor without battery include
1 x Alarm host
2 x Remote control
3 x Door Window Open Detector        ( battery not include )
3 x Infrared Motion detector                ( battery not include )
1 x Power supply
1 x Wired Siren
1 x Telephone line
1 x Telescopic antenna
1 x GSM antenna
1 x Operating  Manual


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Wireless Home Burglar PSTN GSM Alarm System

Wireless Home Burglar PSTN GSM Alarm System

Wireless Home Burglar PSTN GSM Alarm System.

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