VAG-COM KKL 409.01+FIAT OBD USB Cable Link

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VAG-COM KKL 409.01+FIAT OBD USB Cable Link

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VAG-COM KKL 409.01+FIAT OBD USB Cable Link
How to use:
1. Connect the plug cable to the computer / laptop
2. Install the cable driver (available on the CD)
3. Make any additional set of diagnostic software
4.For the diagnosis of for 409 kkl set the switch on the ECU
5. The OBD connector cable plug and connected with the car
6. Diagnostic software products used for connection
1.Only suitable for Windows XP, Windows 7
2.Compatible with may diagnostic software packages including:
For Fiat ECU Scan
KKL V409
Cable used to include a 4 way to switch to different ECUs access:
Position 1 = engine ECU (read / clear engine failure)
Position 2 = airbag ECU (read/remove airbag failure)
Position 3 ECU = ABS (read / erase fault code)
Position 4 = ESP ECU (read / clear fixed fault)
Packing list:
1pc x OBD2 diagnostic Cable
1pc x CD Drive
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