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Home air purifier anion generator and ionizer

X Series


The originally negative ion passes the TUV, UL, CQC, ROHS, CE, EMC etc. Anne's rules attestation completely. Insulate the electric resistance:The power cable is outward a 40M (500 V DC) 


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Mode: X Series
Products size:25.5*15.5*15.5mm
Input VoltageAC180-240V 50-60HZ
Output Voltage:AC18-240V 50-60Hz  -4.0kv DC
Anion density:AC230V,  3,000,000pcs/cm3
Ozone remainder: 0.05ppm;

The originally negative ion passes the TUV, UL, CQC, ROHS, CE, EMC etc. Anne's rules attestation completely. 
Insulate the electric resistance:The power cable is outward a 40M (500 V DC) 
The anti- electricity strength:Power cable outward an AC3750V 50 Hz 5mAs 3S did not broke through the phenomenon 
Ozone density:<0.05ppm

Working principle:

using  input DC or AC go though the pulse type computer up to DC negative high voltage, the air discharge using cutting-edge, ionized air to generate the negatively charged oxygen ions called negative ion; its working principle and natural phenomenon "the thunder and lightning" generates similar negative ions

Negative Ion Generator Action:

  1. negative ion can increase the oxygen content of the room,play the role of fresh air
  2. negative ions can eliminate secondhand smoke from the air, pollen, dust etc.
  3. negative ion energy positron effective and in the air, the body of excessive absorption of positron is harmful to the body, so if the body cells also had a negative charge, will be due to same-sex repulsion. The virus out of living cells attack ability.
  4. Negative Ion Generator can kill bacterium, consumption function
  5. negative ion has the function of health care: improve sleep,promote the new supersedes the old. The body, and so didthe human immune functions, negative ion commonly known as "air vitamin"

Negative ion Generator FAQ

  • Q:Is negative ion can customize the working voltage? What is the potential?
  • A:You can customize the 120V 110V support: voltage 230V 100V 12V 9V 6V5V 3V


  • Q: how to install?
  • A: Under normal circumstances, red, black wire (tail are stripping tin) or US,EU plug into the power supply input end, red or white brush line for the negative ion emission line.

  • Q:Will negative ions generate remain ozone when working? Ozone concentrations exceed the standard? Will be harmful to human body?
  • A:ozone concentration will produce a small amount when working, but this will be less than the national standard 0.04ppm, is not harmful to the human body


  • Q:is it safe when negative ion work? Will it shock men?
  • A:anion is safe, no electric shock, please be assured that the usage


  • Q:high-pressure negative ion output end how much pressure, touch the electric hand?
  • A:Negative ion negative high voltage output range of -5~ -8KV DC, when the human body and the earth insulation, in the hand without water touch is notelectric shock, because the pressure in the output when install theprotection circuit, current and the output voltage is less than 12uA, the safe current not electric shock


  • Q:how to judge the negative ions are working?
  • A:simple method is to use a test pencil in direct contact with the negative ion brush site, neon lights to show the pen work, another method is to brush 3CM from the palm of her heart will feel a cool wind, but also shows it in work.


  • Q:negative ion working will have color or taste?
  • A:the negative ion is colorless and tasteless when working


  • Q:What about ionizer life
  • A:negative ions in the discrete case about 6000-8000 hours, in order to prolong its life, every 4 hours to stop 15-20 minutes,


  • Q:what is the role of negative ions?
  • A:the main role is to eliminate the second-hand smoke, dust, pollen in the air, purify the air, increasing the oxygen molecules in the air,sterilization, disinfection effect.


  • Q:negative ion usually applied in which place?
  • A:Negative ion is widely used, there are places where the energy of negative ions can be installed, the usage is more: air purifier, air conditioning, beauty salons, fan, energy saving lamp etc.


  • Q: Does negative ion have interference?
  • A: Negative ion itself have high voltage, on some products surrounding some interference, but will be interference products with negative ion operating distance, and  interference will be elimate


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Home air purifier anion generator and ionizer

Home air purifier anion generator and ionizer

The originally negative ion passes the TUV, UL, CQC, ROHS, CE, EMC etc. Anne's rules attestation completely. Insulate the electric resistance:The power cable is outward a 40M (500 V DC) 

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