Dynamic Tire Balancing Beads Compound ดูขนาดใหญ่กว่า

Dynamic Tire Balancing Beads Compound



จัดส่งภายใน 1-2 วัน

การซื้อสินค้านี้ คุณจะได้รับคะแนนสะสมจำนวน 4 คะแนนสะสม. คะแนนสะสมของคุณจะรวมเป็น 4 คะแนนสะสม ซึ่งสามารถแปลงเป็นบัตรกำนัลจำนวน 4.00 ฿.

450.00 ฿

700.00 ฿ ต่อ 13 oz


TECH TIRE BALANCING COMPOUND Dry tire balancing materials have been in the market for years now, but only Tech Tire Balancing Compound has superior flow ability and durability. Tiny micro beads are specially coated to minimize friction while other ingredients coat the tire's inner liner, keeping it smooth and dry. As the tire begins to roll, these micro beads move and adjust on the inside of the tire to offset the heavy spot or any variation in sidewall stiffness.

Simply place the Insert. bag inside the tire during mounting and the tire and wheel assembly will be balanced throughout the tire's life. Tech Balancing Compound effectively balances light truck (TL series), medium truck (TM series), duplex tires (TP series) and 4x4 mudcler tires, eliminating the need for fixed weights and re-balancing.

All sizes are packaged in Insert' bags that decompose inside the tire and include a filtered valve core. The Tech applicator can be used for installation in mounted tires. The applicator includes an air drying filter and pressure gauge to ensure proper inflation.




Dynamic Tire Balancing Beads Compound

Dynamic Tire Balancing Beads Compound

Dynamic Tire Balancing Beads Compound.

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