Electrostatic spraying machine PC03-5 small spraying equipment portable 5 gear adjustable spray mach





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Electrostatic spraying machine PC03-5 small spraying equipment portable

5 gear adjustable spray machine 110/220V 1PC


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    The product is the ideal spray tool for the appearance of various metal parts to make the

workpiece beautiful and durable. It can be sprayed for any metal parts, after forming the spray

surface to prevent a variety of chemical corrosion and ultraviolet radiation, much stronger than

the liquid spray, more than ten times more than ordinary paint. In the production process,

without adding any organic solvents, do not produce toxic volatiles, does not cause

environmental pollution.

    Use this product without special training, as long as carefully read the instructions, you can

make a very short time to fully grasp, and skilled operation, to achieve your idea, access to

the ideal appearance of decorative pieces.


    Power Requirements: Use a 220V AC power supply with a safety ground. When used, the

machine must be grounded.

    Air supply requirements: the use of compressed air pressure must be 0.5 to 1.2 kg. It is

recommended to use 1.0 kg, this time the air pressure is the most ideal.

    Environmental requirements: well ventilated, dry.


One. caveat:

1. Because of the machine to produce high-voltage static electricity, the user in use, the

workplace, equipment must be dry. In addition the machine must be safely grounded, do not

pull out the grounding plug, which for the protection of the machine and to prevent electric

shock is very important. To avoid danger, after each use, the discharge needle should be

touched on the grounding clip discharge.

2. Plastic powder particles fall into the air, hit the fire, there is the risk of burning, explosion, it

must exclude all hidden dangers, and all the fire source isolation. Do not use a plastic cleaner

on the ground to clean up. Work to wear dust cover, to protect personal safety.


Two. Prepare work before use:

1. Spray the preparation of parts: the surface of the parts should be sprayed to the rust, to oil,

phosphating treatment, parts should have a dry, smooth, clean surface.

2. Prepare the oven one to put the sprayed parts into the oven. Sprayed parts are best hung

with metal spreader in the oven.

3. Prepare the same power and sockets as the sprayer's voltage. The power supply must be

securely grounded.

4. Prepare the air supply. Air supply pressure is generally 0.5 kg to 1.2 kg, it is recommended

to use 1.0 kg air pressure.

5. The dry plastic powder into the bottle, the amount of plastic powder about 5 cm from the

bottom of the height is more appropriate.


Three. Common troubleshooting:

1. Spray surface powder layer is too thick, the formation of accumulation, after baking will make

plastic surface grain phenomenon. The accumulation of plastic powder can be used to blow the air.

2. Polyester powder after drying will cause the plastic surface to produce granular phenomenon,

so to control the surface powder layer thickness. For the resulting granular plastic surface, can

be used to polish the sandpaper with 400 grain size and then re-spray.

3. Spray the surface is not smooth or have pores, is caused by the humidity, the need to replace

the dry plastic powder or water vapor separator.

4. If the gun does not spray powder, may be too low air pressure, or water vapor separator too

much moisture, resulting in air intake, need to replace the water vapor separator.

5. Spray the plastic powder when the direction of dispersion can adjust the discharge end of the

dispenser and the distance between the gun body.

6. If the parts are found to be sprayed on the surface is not ideal, need to re-spray, you can use

parts with 400 grain sandpaper sand after re-uniform spray and then into the oven baking.

7. If you find the powder does not produce high-voltage static electricity, you should have a

professional knowledge of electrical engineers to check and repair, not to do anything to avoid




Model: PC03-5
Scope: a variety of metal parts for the appearance of spray
Maximum output pressure: 25N / S
Power: 0.3W

Power form: electric air spray machine
Spray width: 1 square
Pressure ratio: 6--8
Best Spray Distance: 0.5m


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Electrostatic spraying machine PC03-5 small spraying equipment portable 5 gear adjustable spray mach

Electrostatic spraying machine PC03-5 small spraying equipment portable 5 gear adjustable spray mach


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