EPSON EU-T332C: 80MM, 24V ดูขนาดใหญ่กว่า

EPSON EU-T332C: 80MM, 24V




การซื้อสินค้านี้ คุณจะได้รับคะแนนสะสมจำนวน 15 คะแนนสะสม. คะแนนสะสมของคุณจะรวมเป็น 15 คะแนนสะสม ซึ่งสามารถแปลงเป็นบัตรกำนัลจำนวน 15.00 ฿.


1,500.00 ฿


EPSON EU-T332C: 80MM, 24V

Versatile and high performance
With 4 paper width, 3 different interface options and 2 paper diameter options, the EU-T300 thermal printer series is versatile and advanced – ideal for all applications. Printing up to 150mm per second, it produces high-quality text, barcodes and logos – fast.
Embellish and emphasize with underlining, enhancement, 90° rotation, black and white reversing and enlargement.

Compact and easy-to-use
Featuring a durable auto-cutter, the compactly designed EU-T300 series includes user-friendly features, front facing power switch, paper feed and LED.
You can open the printer module with one hand and insert the paper roll easily and surely using the semiautomatic loading function. These functions save recovery time and increase the speed of maintenance.

A durable autocutter is standard equipment and selectable from full cut type, partial cut type (1 point left uncut), or high-speed full cut type.
Available for Windows® 2000 / XP, and Linux®,
Epson's ever-adaptable printer driver reduces the time and expense spent on applications development. With a status monitor and a maintenance counter providing information on present and historical operating status, the EU-T300 series is fully equipped for a wide range of kiosk applications.




EPSON EU-T332C: 80MM, 24V

EPSON EU-T332C: 80MM, 24V

EPSON EU-T332C: 80MM, 24V

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