Fake Blow Off Valve Sound ดูขนาดใหญ่กว่า

Fake Blow Off Valve Sound



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Fake Blow Off Valve Sound.

Pressure relief valve installed turbo car envy fabulous voice? No way naturally aspirated distress relief valve is installed it? Then we also want to have this artifact, how to do?
Application : Universal
Applicable models: general without TURBO.
Package includes:
1 x Electronic turbo pressure relief valve
Installation Instructions:
1) wired red wire to positive battery terminal
2) wired black wore to negative terminal
3) fed switch wires (blue and green) through fire wall to accelerator pedal.
4) Attached micro switch to accelerator pedal
5) connected switch to the normally closed terminal and earth terminal on micro switch 
6) push accelerator fully in, when releasing the speaker makes dump valve sound.




Fake Blow Off Valve Sound

Fake Blow Off Valve Sound

Fake Blow Off Valve Sound.

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