Insect Fly Mosquito Window Mesh Screen



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Insect Fly Mosquito Window Mesh Screen


  • The fly screen will allow fresh air in while keeping out flies, wasps, bees and mosquitoes
  • It is suitable for use on windows in the home or office with the window mesh
  • The window net is ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, parlour and conservatories
  • Free splicing into the size you need, DIY and convenient for any window
  • Easy to use,easy to take apart and wash.
  • Just take down the velcro from the net directly for cleaning; just press the velcro on the mosquito net to re-install


  • Item: Door Window Net Mesh Screen Curtain
  • Condition: Brand new with tag
  • Size:130cm*150cm 
  • Weight:60g
  • Net Hole's Dia.: 2mm
  • Color: White


  • Cleaning the window frames.
  • Take the self-adhesive velcro (one side for the stickers, one side for the velcro barbs surface) stickers side glued to the frames
  • Press the mosquito net at the surface of the velcro barbs (Done,it's very convenient!)

Package Included:

  • 1x Insect window net
  • 1x Velcro tape




Insect Fly Mosquito Window Mesh Screen

Insect Fly Mosquito Window Mesh Screen

Insect Fly Mosquito Window Mesh Screen

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