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KK V5.5 Flight Control Board



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  • 100% brand new 
  • Latest KKmulticopter controller V5.5 Board,V2.5 program 
    • Simple structure, Easy to Maintain and Debug Control 
    • with 3 pcs gyros, relying on potentiometer adjust gyro sensitivity. 
    • Full servo signal output, support normal ESC / analog servo 
    • Support for single-axis / UFO, Y3 3-axis, Y3-type 3-axis, 4 axis, 6 axis, V22 flight mode 
    • Supports 4-axis "+" and "X" flight mode, support for six-axis "HEXA6" and "Y6" flight mode. 
    • Don't need MK 4-axis PPM decoder board, the receiver can be connected directly to the Transmitter. 
  • Special customized USBasp programmer for KK Flight control Circuit board, connect with the KK Flight control Circuit board directly, It's very convenient for DIY your aircraft.


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KK V5.5 Flight Control Board

KK V5.5 Flight Control Board

KK V5.5 Flight Control Board.

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