Windshield Glass Water Rain Repellent



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140.00 ฿


Windshield Glass Water Rain Repellent.


  • Rain repellent glass treatment.
  • Remarkably improved visibility in the rain.
  • Makes it easier to remove ice, snow, bugs and dirt.
  • Lasts for months, up to six times longer than other leading glass treatments.
  • See clearly, the item glass treatment is applied to a vehicle windshield, this innovative product improves visibility in the rain, day & night.
  • Drive Safer: A university of michigan study indicates that auto glass treatments can improve a driver‘s visual acuity by nearly 35%.

How to Apply:

  • Step 1: Clean - Thoroughly clean and dry the glass.
  • Step 2: Apply - Squeeze the wings together until a popping sound is heard and liquid is released onto the pad. Use immediately. Wipe the soft pad of the applicator over the glass up and down then side to side to ensure the glass is well covered.
  • Step 3: Dry - Wipe the glass with a clean dry paper towel immediately after the item has been applied to the entire windshield.


  • Material: Plastic+Liquid
  • Color: White
  • Size: 11.7 x 2.5 x 2.5cm

Package Including:

  • 1 x Car Windshield Rain Repellent




Windshield Glass Water Rain Repellent

Windshield Glass Water Rain Repellent

Windshield Glass Water Rain Repellent.

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