Leather Swell Repair Kit DIY


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Leather Swell Repair Kit DIY


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Leather Swell Repair Kit Auto Car Door Bulb Chair Bag Head Drums Roof Packs Liquid DIY Leather Repair Tool Restoration
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Adhesive application syringe allows for direct injection into hard-to-reach areas
  • High-heat adhesive remains strong, even in hot interiors.
  • Use range: Suitable for leather solid, fabric on the bubble, and some non-hazardous fasteners durable and professional maintenance
  • Precautions:Read all instructions carefully before repair
  • 1× 15ml Fix Adhesive 1
  • 1x 15ml Fix Adhesive 2
  • 2x Syringe&Needles
  • 8x Saggy Stopper Fasteners
  • 1x Instruction book
Repair Steps:
  •  1.Clean area to be repaired of loose debris and dirt, twist on needle to based of syringe and Remove protective needle cover until ready to use.
  •   2. To distinguish what the material are we start to bonding,Please use the repair fix adhesive type 1 if bonding the fabric and leather,Please use the repair fix adhesive type 2 if bonding the fabic and metal.
  •   3. Choose a suitable adhesive and open adhesive package, carefully insert needle into adhesive. Slowly pull plunger out to fill syringe. Please according to 1ML/3cm to insert the adhesive (it saids 1ml can repair 3cm area), kindly noted the scale on the syringe.
  •   4. Find a right position to insert the adhesive, the position should be the edge of bubble.Slowly depress plunger, releasing adhesive over entire repair area. Do not apply to much adhesive.Please apply the adhesive from different edge of bubble if the repair area is large,to make sure the adhesive can contact with the broken area completely.
  •   5. By hand, smooth leather firmly onto adhesive-coated surface, allow to dry.Twist saggy stopper fastener to make the fabric drooping during the drying process.DO NOT USE the saggy stopper fastener on the leather material.
  •   6. Press the repair area for 5 - 8 mins firmly, full dry need 15 - 24 hours.
  •   7.(Pls used within 15 minutes if the adhesive is in syringe to avoid the adhesive drying in the syringe.)
  • 1. Note that the drum surface is clean
  • 2. Pay attention to the material on the back of the drum
  • 3. Stay away from children, it is recommended to use in the ventilation.
  • 4. Do not use gloves when handling. If you want to use gloves, please choose rubber gloves. If you accidentally touch the skin, please wipe with a towel towel. Please rinse immediately with soap and water.




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Leather Swell Repair Kit DIY

Leather Swell Repair Kit DIY

Leather Swell Repair Kit DIY

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