SWAG Front Suspension Strut Repair Kit Fits ALFA ROMEO 147 156 166 60625002 放大

SWAG Front Suspension Strut Repair Kit Fits ALFA ROMEO 147 156 166 60625002


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SWAG Front Suspension Strut Repair Kit Fits ALFA ROMEO 147 156 166 60625002...


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Fitment & DescriptionItem Name: Suspension Strut Repair KitPart Brand: SWAGOEM Numbers: 60625002 S1 / 60625002 / Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with add-on materialFitting Position: Front Axle left and rightWeight [kg]: 0.18 kgRequired quantity: 2 Will this item fit your vehicle? To ensure You order the correct part for your car s particular make and model, please pay careful attention to the Item Specifics and Description. If You are not sure about what exactly You need - feel free to contact Us every working day (except on weekend) and get professional assistance within 24 hours - that way You will get the right part and do not need to deal with returns - save your time! Will this item fit your vehicle?Cross Reference And OE number listBrandNumber ALFA ROMEO60625002 ALFA ROMEO60625002 S1 FEBI BILSTEIN37581 SWAG74 93 7581Fitment Brand Model Type Years CCM KW HP Engine Body ALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.6 16V T.SPARK09-1997 - 09-2005159882112AR 32102SedanALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.6 16V T.SPARK (932A4)09-1997 - 09-2005159888120AR 32104; AR 32103; AR 67601; AR 32102SedanIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: AR32102; Engine Code: AR32103; Engine Code: AR32104; Engine Code: AR67601ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.6 16V T.SPARK. (932A4)05-2000 - 05-2006159888120AR 32104; AR 32103; AR 67601; AR 32102WagonIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: AR32104; Engine Code: AR67601ALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.6 16V T.SPARK (937AXB1A)01-2001 - 03-2010159888120AR 32104HatchbackALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.6 16V T.SPARK ECO (937AXA1A)01-2001 - 03-2010159877105AR 37203HatchbackALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932A3)09-1997 - 10-20001747106144AR 32201SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932A3)05-2000 - 10-20001747106144AR 32201WagonALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932A31__)10-2000 - 09-20051747103140AR 32205SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932B31__)10-2000 - 05-20061747103140AR 32205WagonIMPORTANT NOTES: Construction year to: 12.2005ALFA ROMEOGT (937_)1.8 TS11-2003 - 09-20101747103140AR 32205CoupeALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.9 JTD06-2003 - 03-2010191074101182 B9.000HatchbackALFA ROMEOGT (937_)1.9 JTD11-2003 - 09-20101910110150937 A5.000CoupeALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD03-2005 - 05-20061910110150937 A5.000WagonIMPORTANT NOTES: Construction year to: 12.2005ALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.9 JTD11-2003 - 09-2005191093126937 A4.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.9 JTD11-2002 - 11-20041910100136192 B1.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.9 JTD07-2004 - 09-20051910110150937 A5.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD11-2003 - 05-2006191093126937 A4.000WagonALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD11-2002 - 11-20041910100136192 B1.000WagonALFA ROMEOGT (937_)1.9 JTD05-2008 - 09-20101910125170937 A6.000CoupeALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.9 JTD 16V11-2002 - 03-20101910103140192 A5.000HatchbackALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.9 JTD 16V11-2002 - 09-20051910103140192 A5.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD 16V11-2002 - 05-20061910103140192 A5.000WagonALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.9 JTD 16V09-2003 - 09-2004191093126937 A4.000HatchbackALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.9 JTD 16V10-2004 - 03-20101910100136192 B1.000HatchbackALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD 16V Q407-2004 - 05-20061910110150937 A5.000WagonIMPORTANT NOTES: Construction year to: 12.2005ALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.9 JTD (932A2B__)10-2000 - 05-2001191081110AR 37101SedanALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.9 JTD (932A2B 932A2C)05-2001 - 09-2005191085115937 A2.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 (932_)1.9 JTD (932B2)09-1997 - 10-2000191077105AR 32302SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD (932B2)05-2000 - 10-2000191077105AR 32302WagonALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD (932B2B__)10-2000 - 05-2001191081110AR 37101WagonALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD (932B2B 932B2C)05-2001 - 05-2006191085115937 A2.000WagonIMPORTANT NOTES: Construction year to: 12.2005ALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.9 JTD (937AXD1A)04-2001 - 03-2010191085115937 A2.000HatchbackALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.9 JTDM10-2004 - 03-2010191085115939 A7.000HatchbackALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.9 JTDM 16V09-2004 - 03-20101910110150937 A5.000HatchbackALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.9 JTDM 16V06-2008 - 03-20101910125170937 A6.000HatchbackALFA ROMEO147 (937_)1.9 JTDM 8V07-2005 - 03-2010191088120937 A3.000; 937 A2.000HatchbackIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: 937A3000ALFA ROMEO147 (937_)2.007-2002 - 05-20051970121165937 A1.000HatchbackALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932A2)09-1997 - 06-20021970114155AR 32301; AR 32310SedanIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: AR32301ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932A2)05-2000 - 06-20021970114155AR 32301; AR 32310WagonIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: AR32301ALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932A21__)10-2000 - 03-20021970110150AR 32310SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932B21__)10-2000 - 03-20021970110150AR 32310WagonALFA ROMEO147 (937_)2.0 16V T.SPARK (937AXC1_)01-2001 - 03-20101970110150AR 32310HatchbackALFA ROMEOGT (937_)2.0 JTS12-2006 - 09-20101970119162932 A2.000CoupeALFA ROMEOGT (937_)2.0 JTS11-2003 - 09-20101970121165937 A1.000; 932 A2.000CoupeIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: 937A1000ALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.0 JTS01-2002 - 09-20051970119162932 A2.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.0 JTS03-2002 - 05-20061970119162932 A2.000WagonIMPORTANT NOTES: Construction year to: 12.2005ALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.0 JTS (932AXA)03-2002 - 09-20051970122166937 A1.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.0 JTS (932BXA)03-2002 - 05-20061970122166937 A1.000WagonALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.0 T.Spark (936A3A__)09-1998 - 10-20001970114155AR 34103SedanALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.0 T.Spark (936A3B__)10-2000 - 06-20071970110150AR 36301SedanALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.0 V6 (936A3___)09-1998 - 10-20001996151205AR 34102SedanALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.4 JTD04-2002 - 06-20072387110150841 C000SedanALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.4 JTD10-2003 - 09-20052387129175841 G.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.4 JTD10-2003 - 05-20062387129175841 G.000WagonALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.4 JTD10-2003 - 06-20072387129175841 G.000; 841 H.000SedanALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.4 JTD07-2006 - 06-20072387132180841 M.000SedanALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.4 JTD07-2005 - 06-20072387136185936 B.000; 841 M.000SedanIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: 936B000ALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.4 JTD06-2003 - 09-20052387120163841 M.000; 841 N.000SedanIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: 841M000ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.4 JTD06-2003 - 05-20062387120163841 M.000; 841 N.000WagonIMPORTANT NOTES: Construction year to: 12.2005; Engine Code: 841M000ALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.4 JTD10-2003 - 06-20072387120163841 M.000; 841 N.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.4 JTD (932A1B__)10-2000 - 09-20052387103140839 A6.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.4 JTD (932AXC)03-2002 - 09-20052387110150841 C000SedanALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.4 JTD (932B1)09-1997 - 09-20032387100136AR 32501SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.4 JTD (932B1)05-2000 - 09-20032387100136AR 32501WagonALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.4 JTD (932B1B__)10-2000 - 05-20062387103140839 A6.000WagonIMPORTANT NOTES: Construction year to: 12.2005ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.4 JTD (932BXC)03-2002 - 05-20062387110150841 C000WagonALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.4 JTD (936A2A__)09-1998 - 10-20002387100136AR 34202SedanALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.4 JTD (936A2B__)10-2000 - 06-20072387103140839 A6.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.5 V6 24V (932A1)09-1997 - 12-20012492140190AR 32401; AR 32402SedanIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: AR32401ALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.5 V6 24V (932A1)05-2000 - 08-20032492140190AR 32401WagonALFA ROMEO156 (932_)2.5 V6 24V (932A11_)10-2000 - 09-20052492141192AR 32405SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)2.5 V6 24V (932B11_)10-2000 - 05-20062492141192AR 32405WagonIMPORTANT NOTES: Construction year to: 12.2005ALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.5 V6 24V (936A2___)09-1998 - 12-20062492140190AR 34201SedanALFA ROMEO166 (936_)2.5 V6 24V (936A21__)10-2000 - 06-20072492138188AR 36201SedanALFA ROMEO166 (936_)3.0 V6 24V (936A1___)09-1998 - 06-20072959166226AR 34301; AR 34302SedanIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: AR34301ALFA ROMEO166 (936_)3.0 V6 24V (936A11__)10-2000 - 06-20072959162220AR 36101SedanALFA ROMEO147 (937_)3.2 GTA02-2003 - 03-20103179184250932 A.000HatchbackALFA ROMEOGT (937_)3.2 GTA11-2003 - 09-20103179176240936 A.000CoupeALFA ROMEO147 (937_)3.2 GTA08-2008 - 03-20103196191260HatchbackIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: 939A000ALFA ROMEOGT (937_)3.2 GTA08-2008 - 09-20103196191260CoupeIMPORTANT NOTES: Engine Code: 939A000ALFA ROMEO156 (932_)3.2 GTA (932AXB)03-2002 - 09-20053179184250932 A.000SedanALFA ROMEO156 Sportwagon (932_)3.2 GTA (932BXB)03-2002 - 05-20063179184250932 A.000WagonALFA ROMEO166 (936_)3.2 V6 24V10-2003 - 06-20073179176240936 A.000SedanPicturePicture GalleryPictures Click the picture to enlargePictures Click the picture to enlargeSHIPPING INFORMATIONWe only ship to the address specified on eBay during the checkout. 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SWAG Front Suspension Strut Repair Kit Fits ALFA ROMEO 147 156 166 60625002

SWAG Front Suspension Strut Repair Kit Fits ALFA ROMEO 147 156 166 60625002

SWAG Front Suspension Strut Repair Kit Fits ALFA ROMEO 147 156 166 60625002...

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